Fantastic Fantasy Creations from CreativeCritters


If you’re at all familiar with my work you’ll know that I really enjoy creating fun fantasy characters. ¬†The world of fantasy fits my creative style perfectly- I can make up the rules as I go ūüėČ ¬†I can create cool characters like Warrior Brega here, who was inspired in part by Terry Brooks’ Shannara series.

Warrior Brega Wielding a Warhammer Fantasy Polymer Clay OOAK sculpture

I can get lost in all those fun little details, like the embossing on his armor and War Hammer, and imagine the story that goes with him.  Brega is a brave warrior, honest and fearless in battle, always willing to right the wrongs of evil-doers.

And then there are the multitude of fantasy creatures just waiting to be sculpted! ¬†This is the only griffin I’ve sculpted (so far), done in Dinko Tilov’s whimsical style. There really are no limits when it comes to fantasy!

Handmade Polymer Clay Mythological Fantasy Griffin Sculpture

This cute yet fearsome (in his mind at least) griffin even has glow in the dark eyes and claws.  Glow in the dark clay is an awesome addition to most fantasy creations.

OOAK Polymer Clay Glow in the Dark Lion Fish Mermaid sculpture

My LionFish Mermaid sculpture makes good use of glow in the dark clay, and she looks so cool at night!

Fantasy finds it’s way into the jewelry I make as well. ¬†This is probably one of my favorite dragon necklaces. ¬†I call it Mei’s Flowers and I created it for the May Flowers polymer clay challenge several years ago.

OOAK Purple Dragon and Iris Flower Necklace with Swarovski Crystals

Fantasy has also found it’s way into my knitting as well. ¬†I’ve made several knit unicorns, all different, of course. ¬†This purple unicorn is the only one I have left in my shop at the moment. ¬†Another of my favorites, since not only is she a unicorn, but she’s purple!

Handmade Knit Pastel Pink Purple and Blue Unicorn Fantasy Stuffed Toy

And this is just a small sample of the fantasy creations you can find at CreativeCritters! ¬†I do custom orders as well, so if there’s a fantasy creature you’d like me to create just let me know ūüôā

Each of these pictures is linked to the product’s listing in my shop, so you can click on the picture to learn more about any of these items.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a little trip through my fantasy world!

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

Whimsical Frog Pendants from CreativeCritters


The latest addition to my ArtFire shop are these adorable and whimsical little frog jewelry pendants.

Whimsical Red Frog on Green Blue and Gold Clay Leaf Jewelry Pendant

I became inspired to sculpt these cute little critters after re-reading a few books from Christie Friesen.  I love her fun, free form style.  Although many of my Christie inspired projects bear little resemblance to the original tutorial, her general style can usually be seen in them.

Whimsical Teal Blue and Green Polymer Clay Tree Frog Jewelry Pendant

For these pendants I started out by shaping several leaves from polymer clay. ¬†I swirled together shades of blue, green, and gold then wandered around the house checking out the leaf shapes on the many houseplants we have. ¬†Each leaf was shaped by hand, and each is unique. ¬†They’re not exact replicas of any certain type of leaves, just sort of inspired by the shapes I observed. ¬†I CAN follow precise instructions, but I really enjoy just going with the flow and allowing my work to develop almost by itself. ¬†And I love creating things that make me and my customers smile.

Whimsical Polymer Clay Yellow and Teal Tree Frog Jewelry Pendant¬†And these cute little froggies certainly do that! ¬†Some of them have been embellished with glass beads for a little extra sparkle and color. ¬†That’s another Christie thing- she likes to add a variety of beads, jewelry findings, and other interesting things to her work. ¬†Since I’ve got lots of vintage jewelry, much of it broken or missing stones, I often add bits and pieces to my work as well. ¬†There’s just something about vintage jewelry that is so cool- I’ve got some pretty wild pieces I’ve saved from my Gramma’s collection and from my neighbor, as well as plenty of jewelry I’ve picked up at garage sales. ¬†Nothing goes to waste! ¬†One of the (many) things I love about polymer clay is how easy it is to incorporate a variety of different materials into the final piece.

Whimsical Yellow Green and Gold Tree Frog Leaf Jewelry Pendant¬†I also like using embossing powders to add more color and texture. ¬†I don’t always know just how it will turn out after it’s baked, but that’s part of the fun. ¬†I thought this little frog would be more speckled, but once I baked him the embossing powder formed larger patches of color, which is fine by me.

I’m sure there will be more frogs in my future (I’m thinking about making more plush frogs too), but since I seem to have a touch of craft ADD I’ve since moved on to dragon pendants. ¬†Really, though, you just never know what I’ll create next ūüėČ

If you’d like to learn more about each of the pendants pictured above just click on the picture to be directed to their individual listings in my shop. ¬†Thanks so much for stopping by! ūüôā

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

Featured Artist: Jewelry By Shari


Shari, of Jewelry by Shari on Etsy, designs and makes fine, quality, unique Bohemian (Boho) jewelry. She designs her handmade jewelry, which is all original and¬† high quality.¬† Shari says “Designing and making jewelry are my passion. It allows me the usage of color and I love color. I went to school at Western New Mexico University and received my degree in Fine Arts. The design and color aspect of my training was a favorite study of mine. My class called “Color” lasted for 6 months 3 times weekly. I never realized just how much is involved in color. You can create hundreds of variations using just 1 color. Sounds amazing but it’s true, because I had to. It most certainly fascinated me. And I love combining different colors together. That’s where designing came in.”

She first started designing and making jewelry while living in the Caribbean islands.¬† She was constantly surrounded by the vibrant¬† bold colors of the flowers and the crystal clear aquamarine flashes of the sea.¬† That’s when the influences of Flash came into play in her jewelry, especially the Aquamarines, Fire Rainbow Moonstones, and Labradorite gemstones.¬† She says, “The most breathtaking colors were underneath the sea which is a world onto itself! The bold and vibrant colors of the fish and the amazing color of corals left me with the feeling of being outer worldly. I loved to snorkel just to see the color. Color influences my choices designing jewelry. It really makes a difference in our moods.”

Sheri uses Gold, Sterling Silver, platinum, and sometimes copper since these metals are archival and last forever.   Her range includes 10k,14k,18k, and 24k gold as well as gold filled.  She also uses Sterling Silver in her jewelry.

Shari uses precious and semi-precious gems including beautiful Swarvoski Crystals and Czech Glass beads. Her gems include everything from opals  to Chalcedony, Labradorite gemstones with beautiful blues, greys, and greens that flash as you turn the stone. Some other gems that can be found in her jewelry are Herkimer diamonds, Jade, (various colors) Black Onyx, (various colors) Citrine, Ruby, London Blue Topaz, Topaz, (various colors) Moonstones including Fire Rainbow Moonstone, Amethyst, and Aquamarine, also in various colors.  You can find just about anything that suits your fancy!

Below is just a small sample of the beautiful jewelry that can be found in her shop.

Beautiful Fine Quality Boho Genuine 22k Gold Vermeil AAA Chalcedony Gems, Rare Mexican Opal (Dragons Breath) 14k Gold filled necklace

Fine Jewelry, Quality Southwestern Jewelry Necklace,Turquoise, Pink Quartz, Sterling Silver, Handmade Silver Polymer Clay setting

Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings, Fine Jewelry, French hooks, 2.75″ long, Aqua color Czech beads

14k Gold Filled Bracelet, Fine Jewelry, Beautiful AAA Neon Blue Solor Stalactite Drusy, Green Aqua Agates, Czech beads,14k Gold F Bracelet

Fine Boho semiprecious Pink Agate Rondels Pearl Necklace, Biwi Pearls, Swarvoski Crystals, 14k Gold Filled lobster claw Clasp

And this is only a very small sample of what’s available from this talented artist!¬† Be sure to visit her shop to see all she has to offer!

~Michelle of CreativeCritters