Custom Order Christmas Elf Cake Topper



So this cute Christmas Elf cake topper is the latest creation from my craft room.  The cake topper was sculpted by hand in Premo polymer clay.  This one was a custom order for a customer in Australia and he will be the centerpiece on top of her Christmas cake.  I’m honored whenever one of my creations takes center stage!

This was a really fun project and has certainly gotten me into the holiday spirit (even though it’s not quite Halloween yet- LOL).  This whimsical elf was my first cake topper outside of World of Warcraft characters.  I really enjoyed creating this one!  The elf wears a bright green tunic with a red collar  and belt.  His tights are striped a cheerful red and green and he wears red elf slippers.


As you can see, he’s a very happy Christmas elf, with bright blue eyes and a great big smile. 🙂

The cake topper measures about 6 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches tall to the tip of the elf’s bright red hat tipped with a gold bell.  The elf is holding a candy cane and the cake he sits on is decorated with red ribbon and red and white candies (all sculpted from polymer clay).

What a great project to start the holiday season off with!

If anyone is interested in custom cake toppers or other sculptures please feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have.

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

Fantastic Fantasy Creations from CreativeCritters


If you’re at all familiar with my work you’ll know that I really enjoy creating fun fantasy characters.  The world of fantasy fits my creative style perfectly- I can make up the rules as I go 😉  I can create cool characters like Warrior Brega here, who was inspired in part by Terry Brooks’ Shannara series.

Warrior Brega Wielding a Warhammer Fantasy Polymer Clay OOAK sculpture

I can get lost in all those fun little details, like the embossing on his armor and War Hammer, and imagine the story that goes with him.  Brega is a brave warrior, honest and fearless in battle, always willing to right the wrongs of evil-doers.

And then there are the multitude of fantasy creatures just waiting to be sculpted!  This is the only griffin I’ve sculpted (so far), done in Dinko Tilov’s whimsical style. There really are no limits when it comes to fantasy!

Handmade Polymer Clay Mythological Fantasy Griffin Sculpture

This cute yet fearsome (in his mind at least) griffin even has glow in the dark eyes and claws.  Glow in the dark clay is an awesome addition to most fantasy creations.

OOAK Polymer Clay Glow in the Dark Lion Fish Mermaid sculpture

My LionFish Mermaid sculpture makes good use of glow in the dark clay, and she looks so cool at night!

Fantasy finds it’s way into the jewelry I make as well.  This is probably one of my favorite dragon necklaces.  I call it Mei’s Flowers and I created it for the May Flowers polymer clay challenge several years ago.

OOAK Purple Dragon and Iris Flower Necklace with Swarovski Crystals

Fantasy has also found it’s way into my knitting as well.  I’ve made several knit unicorns, all different, of course.  This purple unicorn is the only one I have left in my shop at the moment.  Another of my favorites, since not only is she a unicorn, but she’s purple!

Handmade Knit Pastel Pink Purple and Blue Unicorn Fantasy Stuffed Toy

And this is just a small sample of the fantasy creations you can find at CreativeCritters!  I do custom orders as well, so if there’s a fantasy creature you’d like me to create just let me know 🙂

Each of these pictures is linked to the product’s listing in my shop, so you can click on the picture to learn more about any of these items.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a little trip through my fantasy world!

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

My Latest World of Warcraft Wedding Cake Topper


I recently finished sculpting another custom World of Warcraft wedding cake topper and wanted to share some pics with my readers.  This one has an Elf as the bride and a Tauren as the groom.

WoW cake topper This piece took a LONG time to complete, but then again, these highly detailed wedding cake toppers usually do.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the bride’s dress has areas that have been stamped and brushed with shimmering iridescent Pearl Ex powders, and there are several layers to the dress.  I think the dress took as long to make as the entire elf!WoW cake topper 6 I really spent a lot of time on the tiny details like the white flowers that are twining up the bride’s legs.  That bouquet is pretty special too.  I found a vintage earring in my jewelry stash that had (faux)  pearls, diamonds, and gold accents and I added white polymer clay roses to create a truly unique bouquet.

My customer also requested that a banner with the Horde logo was included.

Wow cake topper 7

That logo’s not painted on either- I cut that out of red clay and appliqued it to the black banner.  Not easy, but I think it looks better than it would have if I’d painted it.

The Tauren groom was a lot of fun to make as well.  I do believe he’s the first Tauren I’ve sculpted that didn’t have a beard.  He did have a big toothy smile though 🙂  My customer sent me lots of really good screen shots so I was able to create just what she was looking for.  When it comes to making these cake toppers good pictures of the characters are a must.

I really like the way the pose came out too.  The groom has one arm lovingly around the bride’s waist and is gently holding her other other hand- very romantic! ❤  And the pretty elf bride gazes up at her new husband with love in her eyes.  Yeah, I’m a romantic all right!  Plus I finished this shortly after I got engaged myself, so I was really feeling the love 😉

So far I’ve only had orders for World of Warcraft wedding cake toppers, but I’m quite willing to create any characters, for any occasion.   If you’re interested in having me create a cake topper for you (wedding, birthday, anniversary, or other occasion) you can place a deposit at this link or contact me at for more information.

And now onto the next project!   Stay tuned to see how my mushroom gnome house sculpture turns out- so far it’s pretty awesome!

Happy crafting my friends!

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

Meet the Newest (2 legged) Member of the Family!


This beautiful little girl is Anna, Sal’s granddaughter (Sal’s the man I live with and the love of my life <3).  His daughter Christina gave birth on Tuesday to a healthy 6 lb girl and the whole family couldn’t be happier.

Of course the minute I heard Christina was pregnant I started planning the gifts I would make for the new baby 😉  The baby blanket took months to complete and wasn’t totally finished until I was able to embroider her name and date of birth.anna's blanket 2

I found the heart pattern baby blanket here  It’s a fairly simple pattern, but it creates a really pretty blanket.  Of course I chose to use purple yarn 😉

anna's blanket

I used white yarn with specks of purple for the crocheted edging and the embroidery.  The edging is my own pattern and is basically a shell stitch.  It actually took about 3 tries before I settled on a pattern for the edging.  It’s been a while since I’ve done any crocheting, so I had to play around a bit to remember how to create the look I wanted.

anna's blanket ginko

And of course my quality control inspector, Ginko had to make sure everything looked good and was well made 😉  He also had to inspect the yarn as I was knitting, frequently trying to take it into his own room for closer investigation.  My kitties are all about quality and inspecting my work very thoroughly!  They are the backbone of CreativeCritters after all 🙂

anna's hat and booties

And while I was making the blanket I was also knitting this cute little hat and booties (I’m always multitasking- LOL!).  I used the purple and white yarn held together so they match the blanket and are super soft and cozy.  Christina lives in Chicago, so this baby’s going to need a nice warm blanket, hat, and booties to keep her toasty from head to toe this winter!  I used my knitting loom to make the hat and found the pattern for the booties here  This is a really easy pattern as well, which suits me just fine!  The end result is really cute, without having to stress over a lot of shaping or complicated stitches.

anna's hat and booties calcifer

Calcifer was my quality control inspector on this set 😉  He’s very into knitting and likes to take a “paws on” approach, helpfully “guiding” the yarn as I knit 😉  He doesn’t even seem to mind getting bonked in the head with my knitting needles while I work (it certainly doesn’t make him move off my lap anyway)!

anna's kitty

And finally I knit Anna this cute blue eyed kitty cat, because every little girl needs her own stuffed kitty to love and cuddle.  This one is completely my own pattern, knit from soft gold and white yarn and softly stuffed.  I made the bright blue eyes nice and large to give the kitty an open, happy, and friendly expression.  This is the sort of stuffed animal that a baby can grab onto and let her little finger sink into it.  It’s very soft and huggable ❤

anna's kitty calcifer

And of course one kitty has to inspect another!

So these projects have kept me pretty busy (along with my paying work) while I awaited the arrival of little Anna.  I’ll have to wait a few more months to actually give her these gifts, since Christina won’t be coming to visit until Thanksgiving.  Heck, I may end up making her something else by then!  I love making gifts for babies and kids, and this little girl is definitely going to be spoiled with lots of handmade goodies 🙂

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

Whimsical Frog Pendants from CreativeCritters


The latest addition to my ArtFire shop are these adorable and whimsical little frog jewelry pendants.

Whimsical Red Frog on Green Blue and Gold Clay Leaf Jewelry Pendant

I became inspired to sculpt these cute little critters after re-reading a few books from Christie Friesen.  I love her fun, free form style.  Although many of my Christie inspired projects bear little resemblance to the original tutorial, her general style can usually be seen in them.

Whimsical Teal Blue and Green Polymer Clay Tree Frog Jewelry Pendant

For these pendants I started out by shaping several leaves from polymer clay.  I swirled together shades of blue, green, and gold then wandered around the house checking out the leaf shapes on the many houseplants we have.  Each leaf was shaped by hand, and each is unique.  They’re not exact replicas of any certain type of leaves, just sort of inspired by the shapes I observed.  I CAN follow precise instructions, but I really enjoy just going with the flow and allowing my work to develop almost by itself.  And I love creating things that make me and my customers smile.

Whimsical Polymer Clay Yellow and Teal Tree Frog Jewelry Pendant And these cute little froggies certainly do that!  Some of them have been embellished with glass beads for a little extra sparkle and color.  That’s another Christie thing- she likes to add a variety of beads, jewelry findings, and other interesting things to her work.  Since I’ve got lots of vintage jewelry, much of it broken or missing stones, I often add bits and pieces to my work as well.  There’s just something about vintage jewelry that is so cool- I’ve got some pretty wild pieces I’ve saved from my Gramma’s collection and from my neighbor, as well as plenty of jewelry I’ve picked up at garage sales.  Nothing goes to waste!  One of the (many) things I love about polymer clay is how easy it is to incorporate a variety of different materials into the final piece.

Whimsical Yellow Green and Gold Tree Frog Leaf Jewelry Pendant I also like using embossing powders to add more color and texture.  I don’t always know just how it will turn out after it’s baked, but that’s part of the fun.  I thought this little frog would be more speckled, but once I baked him the embossing powder formed larger patches of color, which is fine by me.

I’m sure there will be more frogs in my future (I’m thinking about making more plush frogs too), but since I seem to have a touch of craft ADD I’ve since moved on to dragon pendants.  Really, though, you just never know what I’ll create next 😉

If you’d like to learn more about each of the pendants pictured above just click on the picture to be directed to their individual listings in my shop.  Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

Custom Pet Sculptures from CreativeCritters



I just finished another custom order pet sculpture of an adorable cat.  I’ve been creating people’s pets in polymer clay for several years now and each animal is different.  I’ve sculpted cats and dogs of all breeds, rabbits, lizards, and even a llama.  Customers send me pictures of their pet along with a description, often of their personality as well as their physical characteristics.  I use the pictures and descriptions to sculpt the animals in clay.  I don’t just sculpt a boxer, I sculpt YOUR boxer, or German Shepherd, or poodle, or calico cat, etc.  I try to go beyond just the fur and find the true creature, the thing that makes your pet so special.  Sometimes I don’t even know how I do it.



I’ve had so many customers tell me that I captured their pet just perfectly.   Some have said they even cried when they opened the package and saw their pet in miniature.  Quite a few of these sculptures have been made for pets who have passed on, which makes them even more special.  I know what it’s like to lose a beloved pet, which is one reason I started making custom pet urns.  These custom made jars are a wonderful memorial for pets who are no longer with you. And for our four legged friends who are still underfoot these can also be used as special treat jars. 😉  I made a jar for both of my cats (Calcifer and Ginko) and my boyfriend’s dog (Ziggi) and I keep them in the craft room to store small things and make me smile 🙂

Unique OOAK Personalized Custom Made Pet Cat Treat Jar or Memorial Urn

Unique OOAK Personalized Custom Made Pet Dog Treat Jar or Pet Urn

Naturally I started sculpting animals by using my own pets as models.  Over the years my sculptures have vastly improved and I owe much of my knowledge about sculpting animals to Katherine Dewey and her book Creating Lifelike Animals in Polymer Clay.  I learned the right way to sculpt certain animals and was able to take what I learned from that book and expand on it.  I’ve become quite good at sculpting from pictures, especially when the customer sends several good shots which capture all sides of their pet.  I find myself studying animals all the time.  I watch my cats and dog, see how their fur lays, what they look like in different positions, how they hold their body, then imagine how I would sculpt that (a small lump of clay here, sharp upward sweeps with my fur tool there, a pinch, a squeeze, and smoosh in just the right spots).

If I get an order for an animal that I’m not as familiar with I do some research online, sometimes even checking out the skeletal structure and anatomy of that particular animal.  I’m very familiar with most animals though, having had pets all my life.  I’ve always loved all sorts of animals, so I’ve spent a lot of time studying about them and seeing them in the fur and feathers whenever possible.

Love- I guess that’s what it really comes down to.  I love animals, and I love sculpting.  That love goes into every creation I make.  I can relate to all the stories of their pets that my customers tell me.  I know the joy that your big goofy dog brings when he cocks his head and gives you “that look”.  Or the comfort you feel every time your your fluffy cat rolls over for a belly rub.  All those little things our pets do that make us smile, laugh, or shake out heads in wonder.  And to be able to capture those things in a polymer clay sculpture is an absolute gift for me.  A gift that I am incredibly grateful for.

If you’re interested in having me create your pet in polymer (or giving a custom pet sculpture as a gift) you can click on any of the pictures above to be directed to my custom order pet listings on ArtFire or you can contact me at

Thanks so much for reading, and be sure to give your pets a good cuddle! 🙂

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

Meet Vedis, the Green and Gold Pot Climber Dragon


This is Vedis, a beautiful green and gold dragon who  loves quietly climbing among the foliage of potted plants.

This gentle little dragon was sculpted by hand in Premo polymer clay and is a one of a kind creation.  He belongs to a clan of dragons known as Pot Climbers, dragons who are able to hang on the edge of pots or similar objects.  Being very much in tune with nature Vedis is a peace loving dragon who gets along with everyone.  When he’s not patrolling the plants sometimes Vedis can be found curled up napping with Calcifer.

cal-dragon (2) (1024x886)To learn more about Vedis, or purchase him simply click on his picture below.

Green and Gold Whimsical Miniature Dragon Pot Climber Sculpture
If you’re interested in the rest of the Pot Climber Dragon clan (or their other draconian relatives), be sure to check out all I have to offer in my DRAGONS category.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Michelle of CreativeCritters