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If you’re at all familiar with my work you’ll know that I really enjoy creating fun fantasy characters.  The world of fantasy fits my creative style perfectly- I can make up the rules as I go 😉  I can create cool characters like Warrior Brega here, who was inspired in part by Terry Brooks’ Shannara series.

Warrior Brega Wielding a Warhammer Fantasy Polymer Clay OOAK sculpture

I can get lost in all those fun little details, like the embossing on his armor and War Hammer, and imagine the story that goes with him.  Brega is a brave warrior, honest and fearless in battle, always willing to right the wrongs of evil-doers.

And then there are the multitude of fantasy creatures just waiting to be sculpted!  This is the only griffin I’ve sculpted (so far), done in Dinko Tilov’s whimsical style. There really are no limits when it comes to fantasy!

Handmade Polymer Clay Mythological Fantasy Griffin Sculpture

This cute yet fearsome (in his mind at least) griffin even has glow in the dark eyes and claws.  Glow in the dark clay is an awesome addition to most fantasy creations.

OOAK Polymer Clay Glow in the Dark Lion Fish Mermaid sculpture

My LionFish Mermaid sculpture makes good use of glow in the dark clay, and she looks so cool at night!

Fantasy finds it’s way into the jewelry I make as well.  This is probably one of my favorite dragon necklaces.  I call it Mei’s Flowers and I created it for the May Flowers polymer clay challenge several years ago.

OOAK Purple Dragon and Iris Flower Necklace with Swarovski Crystals

Fantasy has also found it’s way into my knitting as well.  I’ve made several knit unicorns, all different, of course.  This purple unicorn is the only one I have left in my shop at the moment.  Another of my favorites, since not only is she a unicorn, but she’s purple!

Handmade Knit Pastel Pink Purple and Blue Unicorn Fantasy Stuffed Toy

And this is just a small sample of the fantasy creations you can find at CreativeCritters!  I do custom orders as well, so if there’s a fantasy creature you’d like me to create just let me know 🙂

Each of these pictures is linked to the product’s listing in my shop, so you can click on the picture to learn more about any of these items.

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Calciferious the Cat Dragon



This magnificent beast is Calciferious, Calcifer kitty’s alter ego.  This is another Cat Dragon sculpture and was inspired by my fluffy Maine Coon cat.  Calcifer frequently sits in what I call his “Captain Cool” pose, so I decided to make his dragon persona sitting in this pose.

captain cool calcifer

This sculpture took weeks to complete, but it was an absolute labor of love.  Unfortunately the very first work in progress pictures are on my laptop, which died a while back (one of the reasons I haven’t posted for quite a while).  I tried something new with this piece and the center of the sculpture is weighted with a special rock that I found at our favorite camp site.  I made a cardboard base, glued the rock in place on the base, then wrapped it all in aluminum foil, filling and shaping to create a feline/ dragon body shape.  The front legs have heavy gauge wire running through them for added strength.  Then I started adding the base layer of clay.  This sculpture took a LOT of polymer clay!  After getting the head, neck, body, legs, and tail sculpted the fun part really started- adding the scales.  I used star shapes in varying sizes for most of the body, legs, and tail.


I tried to mimic Calcifer’s colors and patterns, only with a dragony twist.  I used black, silver, and gold for everything but the wings.  It was slow going, shaping and placing each scale, checking with the real cat to get the stripes and colors just right.  I wasn’t in any hurry though, and I just let the sculpture flow.  At first I used star shapes for his chest too, but then I decided that carefully shaped leaves would give him that fluffy look that I wanted.


This turned out to be just perfect and added so much more to the sculpture.  Here you can see the stripes along his side and how the colors change from his belly to his back (this is harder to see after I added the wings).


I brought the fluffy scales (is there such a thing?) up under his chin and just to his ears, like his fluffy fur is in real life.  That’s one of the features I love about Cal and I really wanted to capture that in clay.  I even used Calcifer’s real whiskers.  (Cats shed their whiskers and I’ve saved whiskers from all my cats.) I poked holes in the muzzle before baking then put a dab of glue on the end of each whisker and inserted it in the hole after the sculpture was baked.  You can bake whiskers at 275 degrees (the temperature for baking polymer clay), but sometimes the white ones tend to yellow a bit or curl.


I added all of his scales before adding the wings, which I sculpted separately and prebaked.  I used purple and gold scales because those colors are just very “Calcifer” and I liked the way they complimented the rest of the piece.


This is actually a rather large sculpture, for me at least, since I normally work in miniature.  It ended up measuring about 10 inches long and 10 inches high.  But since Cal has such a big personality, I had to make a big sculpture to encompass all that he is 😉  Here you can see Calciferious hanging out in the living room.  Did I mention that he’s a shelf sitter?  I designed him to sit comfortably on a shelf or the edge of a table.


I think he goes pretty nicely with the decor too.  I’m still deciding if I want to list him for sale.  For now I think I’ll just keep him all to myself- I don’t think I can part with him just yet.

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

Meet the Family: Ginko Kitty


ImageA few posts ago I introduced my cat Calcifer.  You can read a little bit about him here Today I want to introduce Calcifer’s little brother, Ginko.  I adopted Ginko as a kitten about two years after adopting Calcifer.  Poor Cal needed a friend after my elderly cat Cedric passed away.  Ginko was just what he needed!  He’s my fuzzy little clown, always doing something silly to make me laugh.  He’s a bit clumsy for a cat and often rolls off the window sill when he falls asleep.  Thankfully he never seems to be offended when we laugh at him 😉

ImageHe’s a very curious cat and likes to check out whatever I’m working on.  Here he’s inspecting the Ginko Dragon Pot Percher sculpture after I completed it.  Since he was the inspiration for this piece I had to be sure he approved 😉  Here’s another picture of the dragon that was inspired by Ginko when he yawns and stretches.

Whimsical Yawning Cat Dragon Pot Percher Sculpture for Potted Plants

You can click on the picture to learn more about this piece or purchase it.

Ginko has always been a very laid back cat who will roll over and offer his belly rather than picking a fight.  That’s how he won over Sal’s dog Ziggi.  Ginko wasn’t afraid of the big dog, nor did he go on the offensive.  He just laid down and didn’t give Ziggi anything to chase, and no reason to get aggressive.  Sal never thought he’d see the day when his dog, who chases any cat that comes in the yard, would go nose to nose with a feline without any problems.


Now part of the morning routine is for both cats to say hello to Ziggi before we let him out.  After we let the dog in at night the two cats often hang out in the kitchen with him for a while.  It’s all very mellow, and due in large part to Ginko’s calm personality.  Although Calcifer may be the “big brother” he often follows Ginko’s lead.  It’s so nice to have peace and harmony among all the critters, and to not have to worry about any of them getting hurt.

LMAO-ginko (1024x478)

This is one of Ginko’s classic poses that never fails to make me laugh.  He’s the first cat I’ve had that lays like this.  For such a tubby feline he’s really quite flexible.  I’ve actually put him on a diet because his weight has become a concern.  He managed to lose a pound already and doesn’t try to steal Calcifer’s food as much as he used to, so I’m hoping the new feeding schedule will work for him.  Heck, Calcifer, who could stand to gain a few pounds, actually gained a pound.  Maybe that’s because Ginko’s not stealing his food now.  I’m certainly monitoring what they both eat much more carefully.  I want these two to be happy healthy cats and to be with me for as many years as possible.

Ginko is quite a character and I’m sure he’ll pop up in future posts, so you’ll get to know him even better.  And to know Ginko is to love him!  I’m very thankful to have two wonderful loving cats in my life.  They both inspire peace and relaxation in me.  And they both bring much laughter into our household.  I’m happy to be able to share a bit of that with my readers here 🙂

~Michelle of CreativeCritters




Meet Vedis, the Green and Gold Pot Climber Dragon


This is Vedis, a beautiful green and gold dragon who  loves quietly climbing among the foliage of potted plants.

This gentle little dragon was sculpted by hand in Premo polymer clay and is a one of a kind creation.  He belongs to a clan of dragons known as Pot Climbers, dragons who are able to hang on the edge of pots or similar objects.  Being very much in tune with nature Vedis is a peace loving dragon who gets along with everyone.  When he’s not patrolling the plants sometimes Vedis can be found curled up napping with Calcifer.

cal-dragon (2) (1024x886)To learn more about Vedis, or purchase him simply click on his picture below.

Green and Gold Whimsical Miniature Dragon Pot Climber Sculpture
If you’re interested in the rest of the Pot Climber Dragon clan (or their other draconian relatives), be sure to check out all I have to offer in my DRAGONS category.

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Meet Kennocha the Pot Climber Dragon


Blue Silver and Green Dragon Pot Climber for Potted Plants and more

This is Kennocha, my first Pot Climber Dragon, and she’s available for sale at CreativeCritters.  Just click on the picture to be directed to her listing.  Kennocha is a lovely little dragon in metallic shades of purple and blue.  She’s very fond of my violets, but never nibbles a petal.  She just likes to hang on the rim of the pot and admire the pretty flowers.  She’s a peaceful little dragon that was created with much love.  She may have been sculpted from polymer clay, but she’s got a heart of gold 😉

Blue Silver and Green Dragon Pot Climber for Potted Plants and more

There’s a whole clan of Pot Climber Dragons which can be found in my DRAGONS category.  Each of these dragons is a unique, one of a kind creation.  They are all sculpted by hand in Premo polymer clay and their individual personalities develop as I’m sculpting them.  These fun creatures can add a touch of whimsy to potted plants or anywhere else you want to hang them.  Kennocha frequently hangs on my laptop screen and keeps me company while I’m online 😉  She’s such a friendly little dragon!  Stop by CreativeCritters and check out the rest of the clan!

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