Fun with the Dogs at Beaver Creek


The other day Sal decided that we ought to take a spontaneous trip with the dogs to Beaver Creek, one of our favorite little getaways.  We always go during the week when no one else is there, so we have our choice of spots to hang out at along the creek.  Of course Ziggi, being the water dog that he is, absolutely loves the creek.  We’ve been taking him there for the last few years, and the minute we get near the water he’s in it!

beaver creek wet zig.jpg

Dewey Dude isn’t as much of a natural when it comes to water.  This is only his second trip to the creek- the first time he only just got his paws wet 😉  He’s gaining some confidence though, and he really wants to be where Ziggi’s at.

beaver creek ziggi and dewey

The dogs had a blast running and jumping over the red rocks (this is in Sedona BTW), and racing through the trees.  This place is like doggy Heaven!  And I think when the fish are around Dewey Dude may just turn out to be a pretty good fishing dog.  He knows how to put his whole face in the water and can even fish things out (like rocks and sticks).

beaver creek dewey

He’s working on getting a rock out of this puddle 😉  Ziggi tries to go fishing, but doesn’t comprehend how to stick his face in the water.  It’s really pretty funny to watch him try to go fishing.  The fish will be swimming around in front of him and he just sort of snaps at the surface of the water.  It does keep him busy though, and he seems to enjoy himself, so it’s all good.  Maybe Dewey Dude can teach him how its done.

beaver creek dewey dude and ziggi dog

This is a shot of the boys patiently waiting for their treat.  Dewey’s as big as Ziggi now!  Whenever we go on these little day trips we pack some snacks for ourselves and treats for the dogs.  It’s such a pleasure being out in nature with Sal and the boys.  We all feel revitalized when we get back 🙂  And it’s good to be able to let the dogs run and play and just be dogs.  I take them for walks daily, but it’s not the same as being able to climb mountains, swim, and race and leap through open fields.

I love watching Dewey Dude gain confidence and try new things too.  He was testing his balance and getting a feel for the water here.

beaver creek dewey dude in water

While part of me was a bit worried about him going over the falls, I knew he’d be fine.  We picked a fairly safe spot and there was a calm, shallow pool just past the falls.

It was a really gorgeous day- about 70 degrees and sunny.  Gotta love these Arizona winters!  It’s nice to have this time with Sal too, something different from our everyday routine.  It helps us stay connected with Mother Nature and with each other ❤

beaver creek me and sal kissing

So, in conclusion, take some time out in nature.  Be happy, enjoy your dog’s enthusiasm for the great outdoors, and kiss your sweetie in the sunshine ❤

Life is good! 🙂

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

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