Meet the Newest (2 legged) Member of the Family!


This beautiful little girl is Anna, Sal’s granddaughter (Sal’s the man I live with and the love of my life <3).  His daughter Christina gave birth on Tuesday to a healthy 6 lb girl and the whole family couldn’t be happier.

Of course the minute I heard Christina was pregnant I started planning the gifts I would make for the new baby 😉  The baby blanket took months to complete and wasn’t totally finished until I was able to embroider her name and date of birth.anna's blanket 2

I found the heart pattern baby blanket here  It’s a fairly simple pattern, but it creates a really pretty blanket.  Of course I chose to use purple yarn 😉

anna's blanket

I used white yarn with specks of purple for the crocheted edging and the embroidery.  The edging is my own pattern and is basically a shell stitch.  It actually took about 3 tries before I settled on a pattern for the edging.  It’s been a while since I’ve done any crocheting, so I had to play around a bit to remember how to create the look I wanted.

anna's blanket ginko

And of course my quality control inspector, Ginko had to make sure everything looked good and was well made 😉  He also had to inspect the yarn as I was knitting, frequently trying to take it into his own room for closer investigation.  My kitties are all about quality and inspecting my work very thoroughly!  They are the backbone of CreativeCritters after all 🙂

anna's hat and booties

And while I was making the blanket I was also knitting this cute little hat and booties (I’m always multitasking- LOL!).  I used the purple and white yarn held together so they match the blanket and are super soft and cozy.  Christina lives in Chicago, so this baby’s going to need a nice warm blanket, hat, and booties to keep her toasty from head to toe this winter!  I used my knitting loom to make the hat and found the pattern for the booties here  This is a really easy pattern as well, which suits me just fine!  The end result is really cute, without having to stress over a lot of shaping or complicated stitches.

anna's hat and booties calcifer

Calcifer was my quality control inspector on this set 😉  He’s very into knitting and likes to take a “paws on” approach, helpfully “guiding” the yarn as I knit 😉  He doesn’t even seem to mind getting bonked in the head with my knitting needles while I work (it certainly doesn’t make him move off my lap anyway)!

anna's kitty

And finally I knit Anna this cute blue eyed kitty cat, because every little girl needs her own stuffed kitty to love and cuddle.  This one is completely my own pattern, knit from soft gold and white yarn and softly stuffed.  I made the bright blue eyes nice and large to give the kitty an open, happy, and friendly expression.  This is the sort of stuffed animal that a baby can grab onto and let her little finger sink into it.  It’s very soft and huggable ❤

anna's kitty calcifer

And of course one kitty has to inspect another!

So these projects have kept me pretty busy (along with my paying work) while I awaited the arrival of little Anna.  I’ll have to wait a few more months to actually give her these gifts, since Christina won’t be coming to visit until Thanksgiving.  Heck, I may end up making her something else by then!  I love making gifts for babies and kids, and this little girl is definitely going to be spoiled with lots of handmade goodies 🙂

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

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