Cheese Kitty!


To Dewey Dude, Ginko will forever be known as Cheese Kitty!Ginko LMAO

Twice a week I make omelets for breakfast. One of the benefits of having our own chickens is a surplus of fresh eggs 😉  Calcifer and Ginko have gotten into the habit of getting a bit of cheese when I add it to the omelets.  They’re so smart they even know when it’s time to add the cheese and they both come into the kitchen to wait for their treat.We're ready for our cheese now!

We’re ready for our cheese now!  Ginko prefers mozzarella and Calcifer will only eat goat cheese 😉

After I got Dewey Dude Calcifer requested his cheese in a dog free area for safety reasons 😉  Ginko the Fearless still wanted his cheese in the kitchen though, and since the puppy was usually sleeping while I made breakfast he figured there was no reason to change eating locales.

dewey and ginko

The first time we did the cheese thing Dewey Dude woke up while Ginko was eating his cheese, completely unaware that there was food to be had.  All he saw was a kitty, and he wanted to see the kitty, and jump on the kitty, and lick the kitty.  Of course Ginko made his escape as quickly and gracefully (which wasn’t very graceful at all- LOL) as possible, leaving behind a little pile of shredded mozzarella.

ginko and dewey

Of course Dewey Dude was quick to find and eat that delicious cheese!  And he seemed to think that it came from Ginko.  After all, he jumped on the kitty and then there was cheese!  This has happened several times now, with the same result.  Ginko gets his cheese, eats a bit, Dewey wakes up and jumps on Ginko,  Ginko leaves and voila- there’s cheese!  So Ginko has become known to Dewey Dude as Cheese Kitty!

Come back Cheese Kitty!

Come back Cheese Kitty!

I almost think Ginko does it on purpose now.  He really is a very generous cat, and will often leave his toys in the dog’s bed as a little gift for them.  He’s lost several toy mice like this 😉

I just wanted to share this little bit of humor that brightens my day a few times a week 🙂  I hope it gives you a giggle too! 😀

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

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