Meet the Family: Dewey Dude!


So far you’ve met my sweet Maine Coon cat, Calcifer, my comical kitty Ginko, and our German Shorthair Pointer/ Australian Cattle Dog mix, Ziggi.

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ginko-funny-face (961x1024)


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Well now it’s time to meet the newest member of the family, Dewey Dude, a German Shepherd/ Rottweiler mix puppy.

Dewey Dude

   Dewey Dude  

Dewey Dude was a gift from my boyfriend for my 40th birthday and I couldn’t have gotten a better present!  We had been discussing getting another dog for several months and Sal decided that my 40th was the perfect time.  We took some time to find just the right pup, wanting a dog that would fit in well with our lifestyle and one that would be a good companion for not only myself, but Ziggi as well.  And that meant a big dog who enjoyed being outdoors and living an active life.  Dewey is a German Shepherd/ Rottweiler mix.  Both are large breeds, and both have intelligence and protective, as well as herding instincts.  I can’t be sure just how big Dewey will get, but I’m betting he’ll be pretty large when he’s full grown.

We adopted Dewey Dude from a shelter in Phoenix after I saw his profile on a German Shepherd rescue website.  It was a choice between him and his brother, and although his brother was cute and friendly I fell in love with Dewey the moment I held him.  He was pretty calm and those eyes just melted my heart.  Plus he had very pretty markings, with a brindle pattern on his legs and cheeks and a gorgeous white flame on his chest.  I just knew that he was the one for me ❤

dewey belly 2

Before we brought him home I set up his crate in the kitchen.  Of course Calcifer and Ginko had to give it their seal of approval!


Little did they know what would soon be sleeping in that cozy crate!

Dewey Dude and Ginko

Just look at Ginko’s fluffed up tail!  He didn’t know what to think of this strange new creature.  And Dewey was simply curious about Ginko- from the start this puppy seemed to just want to be friends with everyone.

Ziggi and Dewey Dude

  Ziggi and Dewey Dude

Ziggi was less than thrilled with his over-affectionate new little brother, but over the last few weeks he seems to be accepting him as a part of the family.  He even plays with Dewey now, and if the pup gets himself into trouble Ziggi’s the first one to answer his whimper for help.  When we ask Ziggi “Where’s Dewey Dude?”  he usually goes and finds him.  Ziggi is a very intelligent dog himself, and he’s already helping us train Dewey.

The cats are now okay with Dewey so long as there’s a gate or glass door between them 😉

cal ginko dewey

dewey cal gink

For his part Dewey has figured out that the cats run away when he gets excited and barks at them, so he’s learned (for the most part) to stay calm if he wants them to hang out with him.  He really is very smart dog!

Dewey learned “Go potty” and “sit” in his first few days with us, quickly followed by “time to eat”, “inside”, “outside” “lay down”, “come”, drink your water”, and “go for a walk”.  He knows who I am, who Sal is, who Ziggi is, and who Calcifer and Ginko are, all by name.  We’re still working on “no bite”, but I’m seeing a lot of progress in the last day or so.  He’s a very tactile dog and likes to paw things and people or put his mouth on them.  But Sal and I are being consistent in not allowing him to bite us, because although it may be kind of cute now, once he’s full grown that could be a very dangerous habit.

He’s very affectionate though and likes to get kisses and cuddles on a regular basis.

dewey and me

Within no time at all this sweet little puppy had completely stolen my heart!  I love him so much and am so proud of him already.  Even though he just turned 3 months old he’s only had one accident in the house, and that was my fault for not letting him out right after we finished playing.  He likes to play fetch with me and is really good about bringing the ball back, something Ziggi just refuses to do.  I’ve started walking him regularly and he picked up on leash training very quickly.  He doesn’t seem to have any fears or phobias and has already gone through two thunderstorms with no signs of fear at all.  In fact, I had to make him come in out of the rain the other day- getting wet didn’t bother him at all!  He’s not scared of other dogs, thinks horses are just fascinating, and gets along great with other people and kids.

Every day I watch him grow and mature.  His confidence grows by the day and with each new experience.  He loves the kiddie pool we got for him and Ziggi and even knows how to stick his head under water to retrieve a toy (or leaf, or bug, or whatever might catch his eye).

dewey in pool 2

dewey dude

I know I haven’t written many posts lately, being so busy with the garden and yard, not to mention this little guy, but I had to take a few minutes to share my newest baby with you all.  Anyone who knows me knows that my pets are my family and as such are incredibly important to me.  I put a lot into raising them and ensuring that they live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives.  Just think- this sweet puppy and his brothers were unwanted and homeless, but now I have the chance to give Dewey Dude all the love and joy he could ever want.  His brother got adopted as well 🙂

Don’t you just love stories with a happy ending?  Although this is really just the beginning of course!  I hope to be able to share many happy stories of Dewey Dude’s life an adventures 🙂

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

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