Starting Seeds Indoors (the beginning of the 2015 gardening season)


It may only be the beginning of February, but here in Arizona it’s time to get some slow growing seeds started to give them a jump start on the season.  Back in Ohio I always started nearly all my seeds indoors because it took so long for them to sprout in the cold, heavy clay soil that I had to work with.  This is the first year I’m starting seeds indoors since I moved to Arizona, but I figure even with our warmer spring (and even winter!) temps some of the slow growers could do with some early season pampering.  So I’m starting the peppers, eggplants, and a few tomatoes in the guest bathroom.  Sal worked hard to get everything set up for me, including the plastic covered trays that fit over the top of the tub and the plant lights.

seed starting 2.3.2015

So today I filled 69 2″ plastic pots with organic seed starting mix and sowed the first vegetable seeds of 2015.  It was a gorgeous day here and a real pleasure to be outdoors and getting in touch with nature.  It got a bit breezy, so I moved into the greenhouse to avoid having my tiny seeds blown all over the place.

seed starting indoors 2.3.15

Once I had my trays filled with pots and my pots labeled and my seeds sown I watered everything well then brought the trays inside and placed them under the lights.

seed starting indoors 2.3.2015

Then I covered the pots with a sheet of plastic to help them retain moisture.  If the soil dries out none of the seeds will sprout.  I also have a spray bottle filled with water so I can mist the top of the soil as needed.  Once the seeds start to sprout I’ll remove the plastic.

I’m really excited to be starting a new gardening season- hopefully the best one yet!  I’ll keep posting on the progress on the plants, and what I’m up to in the garden (this will also help me remember what worked and what didn’t).  And if you have any gardening tips you’d like to share please leave me a comment- I’d love to hear from you!

Happy gardening!

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

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