Meet the Family: Ginko Kitty


ImageA few posts ago I introduced my cat Calcifer.  You can read a little bit about him here Today I want to introduce Calcifer’s little brother, Ginko.  I adopted Ginko as a kitten about two years after adopting Calcifer.  Poor Cal needed a friend after my elderly cat Cedric passed away.  Ginko was just what he needed!  He’s my fuzzy little clown, always doing something silly to make me laugh.  He’s a bit clumsy for a cat and often rolls off the window sill when he falls asleep.  Thankfully he never seems to be offended when we laugh at him 😉

ImageHe’s a very curious cat and likes to check out whatever I’m working on.  Here he’s inspecting the Ginko Dragon Pot Percher sculpture after I completed it.  Since he was the inspiration for this piece I had to be sure he approved 😉  Here’s another picture of the dragon that was inspired by Ginko when he yawns and stretches.

Whimsical Yawning Cat Dragon Pot Percher Sculpture for Potted Plants

You can click on the picture to learn more about this piece or purchase it.

Ginko has always been a very laid back cat who will roll over and offer his belly rather than picking a fight.  That’s how he won over Sal’s dog Ziggi.  Ginko wasn’t afraid of the big dog, nor did he go on the offensive.  He just laid down and didn’t give Ziggi anything to chase, and no reason to get aggressive.  Sal never thought he’d see the day when his dog, who chases any cat that comes in the yard, would go nose to nose with a feline without any problems.


Now part of the morning routine is for both cats to say hello to Ziggi before we let him out.  After we let the dog in at night the two cats often hang out in the kitchen with him for a while.  It’s all very mellow, and due in large part to Ginko’s calm personality.  Although Calcifer may be the “big brother” he often follows Ginko’s lead.  It’s so nice to have peace and harmony among all the critters, and to not have to worry about any of them getting hurt.

LMAO-ginko (1024x478)

This is one of Ginko’s classic poses that never fails to make me laugh.  He’s the first cat I’ve had that lays like this.  For such a tubby feline he’s really quite flexible.  I’ve actually put him on a diet because his weight has become a concern.  He managed to lose a pound already and doesn’t try to steal Calcifer’s food as much as he used to, so I’m hoping the new feeding schedule will work for him.  Heck, Calcifer, who could stand to gain a few pounds, actually gained a pound.  Maybe that’s because Ginko’s not stealing his food now.  I’m certainly monitoring what they both eat much more carefully.  I want these two to be happy healthy cats and to be with me for as many years as possible.

Ginko is quite a character and I’m sure he’ll pop up in future posts, so you’ll get to know him even better.  And to know Ginko is to love him!  I’m very thankful to have two wonderful loving cats in my life.  They both inspire peace and relaxation in me.  And they both bring much laughter into our household.  I’m happy to be able to share a bit of that with my readers here 🙂

~Michelle of CreativeCritters





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