Meet Vedis, the Green and Gold Pot Climber Dragon


This is Vedis, a beautiful green and gold dragon who  loves quietly climbing among the foliage of potted plants.

This gentle little dragon was sculpted by hand in Premo polymer clay and is a one of a kind creation.  He belongs to a clan of dragons known as Pot Climbers, dragons who are able to hang on the edge of pots or similar objects.  Being very much in tune with nature Vedis is a peace loving dragon who gets along with everyone.  When he’s not patrolling the plants sometimes Vedis can be found curled up napping with Calcifer.

cal-dragon (2) (1024x886)To learn more about Vedis, or purchase him simply click on his picture below.

Green and Gold Whimsical Miniature Dragon Pot Climber Sculpture
If you’re interested in the rest of the Pot Climber Dragon clan (or their other draconian relatives), be sure to check out all I have to offer in my DRAGONS category.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

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