Getting to Know the Family: Calcifer the Cat


Since this is a new blog I thought I ought to introduce the family, the furred and feathered family to start with.  First there’s Calcifer, my handsome and fluffy Maine Coone Cat.

ImageCalcifer is a very sweet and loving kitty and has been my constant companion since I adopted him as a tiny puffball of a kitten about 5 years ago.  He and I have been through some rough times together, including a divorce and  a cross country move followed shortly thereafter by yet another move.  Though the changes were hard on him he did adapt and while he’ll never exactly be outgoing, he is a happy cat and full of love.  He’s shy of strangers but very affectionate with me and now with my boyfriend as well.  I was so happy the first time Calcifer jumped up on Sal’s lap as we were were watching a movie.  Up to that point mine was the only lap he ever graced with his furry little butt 😉

Calcifer really is the consummate lap cat and positively melts across my lap when I’m relaxing in my rocking chair and reading.  He’s very playful and loves playing fetch with a ponytail holder or milk jug ring.  He’s actually better than the dog is when it comes to returning the fetched object!  And when he’s not playing with me he’s chasing his little brother Ginko around.  I’ll tell you all about Ginko in the next post.  Another sweet little quirk of Calcifer’s is the way he loves to cuddle in my hair.  He’s done this ever since he was a kitten and it makes him so happy and relaxed (as it does for me too).  He kneads my hair with his paws and buries his face in it, purring like a little motorboat.  It’s his ultimate expression of love 🙂


Even though he’s blind in one eye it doesn’t seem to slow him down much.  The lady at the shelter said he was one of about 50 cats rescued from an animal hoarder in a tiny apartment.  They said they thought he must have gotten an eye infection that never got treated, so he ended up losing the sight in that eye.  He takes a little longer to judge distances and is very careful when he jumps onto things, but he’s really quite graceful.

Calcifer is a huge part of my life and my business.  He’s one of the main critters behind CreativeCritters!  He’s a wonderful model for my cat sculptures, and has inspired several different sculptures including this Steampunk Pirate Cat.

OOAK Steampunk Pirate Cat with Metallic Wings Polymer Clay Sculpture

and what I call The Bewilderbeast.  I even used real cat whiskers (collected after the cats voluntarily shed them) for this wild creation.  You can click on either of these pictures to learn more about these sculptures.

OOAK Glow in the Dark Polymer Clay Cat Monster Demon Sculpture

Calcifer and I are inseparable and he’s my best furry friend!  I know he’ll continue to inspire my creations and happily inspect my work once it’s finished.  Every artist needs someone in charge of quality control after all! 😉

Image Thanks for spending a little time getting to know the furry family of CreativeCritters!

~Michelle of CreativeCritters


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