First Post on the New Blog


While I may not be new to blogging I AM new to WordPress.  Since I can no longer log in to my original blog at due to email address issues , I thought I’d give WordPress a try and create a whole new blog.  I figure it’s just about spring (here in Arizona anyway), so this is a good time for new starts.

Since I’m still exploring WordPress and figuring things out you’ll just have to be patient with me while I stumble around and make mistakes for a bit 😉 LOL  This blog will basically be a continuation of the original, which still has lots of great content available.  I intend to post about my creative adventures sculpting in polymer clay, sewing and knitting stuffed animals, making jewelry, and other forays into the wonderful world of art and creativity.  Of course I’ll also be posting about my pets!

There’s Ziggi, the half Australian Cow Dog, Half German Short Haired Pointer (and my personal guard dog).

me and Ziggi

And my kitties, Calcifer, a sweet, shy Maine Coone cat, and Ginko, my tubby grey and white clown of a cat.

Calcifer washing Ginko

And then there are “The Girls”, six Rhode Island Red hens that follow me around like I’m their Mother Hen!


So I think that’s about it for the first post.  I’ll keep it short and sweet until I really get the hang of this site.  So far, I like it =)

~Michelle of CreativeCritters

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